Disruption – The New Norm

Do you feel like everything is in commotion? Post Co-VID we are seeing disruption occurring at every aspect of our lives. From supply chain issues to price increases; from remote working to return to office policies; from crypto investment and payment options to a destabilized digital currency environment. Even the disruptors are being disrupted. Point in case: BNPL service providers are threatened by Apple entering the marketplace

Right when you thought you had a viable strategy and are actively developing, the market shifts out from under you and you once again find yourself pivoting and adjusting. What used to be a single disrupter environment has morphed into a multi-threaded, complex weave of disruption across the board. The wave of change is constant and ever-changing – leading us to believe it will be the new norm.
This webinar will focus on the new operating model, how to pivot and adjust, how to understand waves versus trends and how to innovate in a way that gives you the most flexibility.

Friday, September 30th

Best Practices Center


Mladen Vladic

General Manager of Loyalty, FIS

Cheryl Nuttal

Sr. Director Enterprise Strategy, FIS

Chris Ford

Program Executive, FIS

Bryce Deeney

Co-Founder & CEO, Equipifi

Michelle Rzepnicki

SVP, The People Office FIS

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