Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Financial Data Forum?

The Financial Data Forum, a division of the Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA), promotes innovation in the secure, permission-based use of consumer financial data. Effective ways to manage sensitive financial data is central to shoppers increasingly seeking both control and personalization. The Financial Data Forum serves its members—retailers/merchants, banks/financial institution, card issuers, payment processors and fin-tech organizations—working to advance the management financial data.

When was the Financial Data Forum formed?

The Financial Data Forum was formed in 2020, and will launch in 3rd quarter, 2021.

Does the Financial Data Forum subscribe to certain data principles?

Through a collaborative work group of leading industry participants, the Financial Data Forum has established several key financial data principles that guide its work.

  • The Right to Transparency – Consumers shall have the right to be provided with clear understandable statements that help inform them about financial data collection, use, sharing, and retention in connection with their enrollment in a third-party program that includes such data. This includes being presented with a clear notice about the purpose of the data collection and the context of the relationship between the consumer and the company requesting enrollment of their credit/debit card in the program.
  • The Right to Consent – Consumers that enroll in a program shall have the right to be presented with an explicit consent, for example, similar to the CardLinx Consent Honeybee Standard, that helps them understand the purpose of processing their personal credit/debit card details within the context of the relationship between the individual to whom the data pertains and the organization requesting the enrollment of the credit/debit card.
  • The Right to Consumer Choice and Control – Companies that provide programs to consumers with enrolled debit/credit cards shall have appropriate controls to allow a consumer the right to have a choice over how their financial and associated data is used, and limit disclosure. Unless required to perform the service, and where it is not covered under a company’s privacy statement or a law enforcement request, consumers should also have the right to know what personal financial and associated data is disclosed to third-parties, to request such disclosure not take place, or prohibit marketing of personal data.
  • The Right to Access – Consumers shall have the right to reasonable access to the personal data held by the organization providing the program in which the consumer has enrolled, including observational data, inferences derived from browsing history, social media, or location tracking.
  • The Right to Data Portability – Consumers shall have the right to receive a copy of their personal financial data from the company providing the program (in which the consumer has enrolled) in a portable, commonly used and machine-readable format.
  • The Right to Correct and Delete Data – Consumers shall have the right to ensure that financial and associated data should be correct and accurate. Consumers shall also have, where reasonable, the right to correct inaccuracies of such data and have such data deleted.
  • The Right to Data Security – Consumers shall have the right to ensure that their data should be appropriately secured in a way that is commensurate with the sensitivity of the data and current/established standards.

What does the Financial Data Forum offer members?

The Financial Data Forum offers a host of programs fostering collaboration and development of services and standards to optimize use of financial  data to enhance the shopping experience. These include:

  • online/in–person collaborative conferences
  • interactive webinars
  • access to best practices and education
  • standards certification
  • participation in industry technical standards.

Is the Financial Data Forum part of a larger organization?

The Financial Data Forum is one of three divisions of the Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA), a non-profit trade association launched in 2020 and focused on driving the future of commerce by promoting technology standards, collaboration and education in the areas of fin-tech, card-linking, mobile wallets and financial data.

What are the other DCA divisions?

In addition to the Financial Data Forum and the CardLinx Forum, the other division of DCA is the Mobile Wallet Forum. Each of the three divisions has a single best-practice digital commerce focus. The parent organization, DCA, works in concert with each affiliate, enabling essential strategic collaboration among all members.

Why was DCA created?

The Digital Commerce Alliance was formed to address growing needs of commerce executives to enable the innovative and measurable experiences consumers demand. It is a spin-off of the CardLinx Association (now the CardLinx Forum), the pre-eminent card-linking association founded in 2014. The CardLinx Forum continues to serve its membership and operates as one of three DCA divisions.

What do each of the divisions offer to members?

Each of the three subsidiary non-profit trade associations, including the CardLinx Forum, offers programs pertaining to their focus, including online/in–person collaborative conferences, interactive webinars, and access to education, certification, and technical standards.

In addition, the parent organization, DCA, provides services including curated introductions, podcasts, three annual digital commerce forums, plus news and research services.

Leaders worldwide from multiple disciplines involved in online and offline commerce, including retail, banking, finance, marketing, technology, are joining the movements DCA empowers.

How can I learn more?

Visit the website at to learn more about the Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA) and its divisions—and to join the organization(s) that helps advance your digital commerce initiatives.

Where’s the new association based?

DCA’s offices are located in the Silicon Valley area of California.

How much does it cost to join the Financial Data Forum?

The Financial Data Forum’s membership fee is $17,500 per year. View our membership page for more details.

Am I eligible for a discounted membership?

2 Year Discount – All members receive a 10% discount if they select a two year term.

Multi-Membership Discount – Any member that joins more than one division receives a 20% discount on their total membership fee.