Financial Data Forum

Turning Financial Data Regulation Into Competitive Advantage

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021 | 9:00am – 12:00pm PST | Via Zoom

Regulators in the US and the EU are embracing the idea that consumers should be the ones in control of their data. Learn more about how compliance with newly enacted laws (and those on the horizon) strengthens your market position, sending a clear message to every party in the fintech ecosystem that the way to advance data-driven commerce is by putting the consumer experience first.


Executive Keynote Speakers

Dan Currell

Conference Host; Managing Director, AdvanceLaw

paul siegfried transunion

Paul Siegfried

Senior Vice President, Financial Services, TransUnion

'Consumer Perspective on Financial Data'

Jonathan Silver

Chief Executive Officer, Affinity Solutions

'Personalized Experiences, Powered by Personal Data, the Next Generation Customer Experience'

Siobhan Costello

General Counsel, Fidel API

'The Future of Financial Data APIs'

jenny lee arent fox

Jenny Lee

Partner, Arent Fox LLC

'CFPB Updates on Consumer Data'

Pietro Grandinetti

Chief Technology Officer, Pentadata

'Portability: The Future of Financial Data'

Attending Companies